Fine Art Giclée print from digital artwork, printed on 100% cotton paper or canvas. Artwork in print edition supervised and signed by the author.

Sette21 is not looking for mass production, every print is individually made and checked. Paper prints are delivered rolled-up in tubes. Canvas prints can be delivered rolled-up in tubes or on wood frame, exept for some big size.



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Delivery is free in Italy. For Europe, United States, Canada and Asia, the shipping cost will be added at the check out. Customs duties and import charges are established by government authorities of various countries and are not included.

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Our Artworks are printed according to the “Giclèe” process, a method developed in California by Jack Duganne, an artistic lithography master. Combining digital design quality, fine art special paper and high performing printers it is possible to develop long lasting fine art prints and faithful of the original. The “Giclèe” printings is used in museums and galleries around the world. Our prints are made with Epson large format printers, with water-based pigments, which guarantee the durability of bright and vibrant colors. If they are not exposed to direct sunlight, prints remain unaltered for over 100 years.


The several supports were choosed testing different kind of paper and canvas, up to select two kind of paper and one of canvas, all of them are 100% cotton. The “Museum Paper” is among the best and fine art paper ever developed, manufactured in Dassel, Germany. The “Fine Art Paper” and the “Canvas” are among the finest available, manufactured in Chateauroux, France.


All prints are individually checked and approved by the Author and then signed. A dry seal is impressed on paper prints to ensure them the originality.
The Canvas prints are signed and dated on the back side and an ink stamp is used.


The Museum Paper
Hahnemuhle Photo Rag, 308 grams, cotton 100%

This precious paper was developed for the artists, with a soft structure and slightly uneven surface.
Free from acids and lignin, it is able to resist ageing and gives back extraordinary colours’ nuance, ensuring high fidelity to the original version of the Artworks.

The Fine Art Paper
Papier artistique texturé, 320 grams, cotton 100%.

This natural paper shows a slithly uneven surface, offering a sensorial touch to digital prints.
It has a natural color without optical bleachs, it resists aging and was chosen because it enhances chromatic transitions and the brightness of digital colors.


Canvas 390 grams, cotton 100%.

This matt canvas is easy to appreciate for its natural feeling, due to its cotton fibers.
Deep white accents bright and compact colours’ effects.
These properties result in a long duration and flexibility to manage.
The rear side is in natural hemp colour.


Wood frame

Our canvas prints could be assembled on wood frames, 3 mm thickness, and delivered ready to hung up.
Frames are handmade by aged wood, the canvas are stretched with specific tools and fixed by master crafters.
To ensure their integrity, big format canvas are shipped without wood frame, rolled-up and inserted in rigid cardboard tubes.


Canvas on framework fixing process requires mastery and attention. We selected a traditional studio located in the art district of Rome, between via Ripetta and via Margutta.
Canvas are manually stretched with specific tools and fixed with metallic clips, according to traditional’s handcraft methods.

Canvas printings shipped in roll

Our canvas prints present an extra 6 cm border on every side when delivered in roll. This extra border is essential to your artisan to fix canvas on framework with 3 m maximum thickness.
At any printer corner there are little markers defining the real canvas perimeter once on the framework.
You can choose the real dimension of your artwork among the available, we will add an extra 6 cm border on every side.

The Fine Art Paper and the Museum Paper

Paper prints are supplied with an extra 2.5 cm border on every side to facilitate insertion in a frame to hung up.
Wood and glass'e frames, due to their fragility during the shipment, cannot be supplied.


All the Fine Art Printings are protected by tissue paper, then rolled-up and inserted in rigid cardboard tubes for shipment.
The wood framed canvas are protected with tissue papers, with corner’s protections and inserted in rigid cardboard boxes.
Additional external cellophane protections are added.



Sette21 is not looking for mass production, every print is individually made and checked.

A master crafter take care of our Artworks’ prints using Epson printers with original inks, specifically developed for fine art printing.

Water based colour inks guarantee prints long lasting life. Ink jet Epson printers work with up to 800 nozzle for every colour: this will result in outstanding colours accuracy to the original Artwork. This print quality will last for more that 100 years if not exposed to direct sun light.

Master’s crafter experience and several check from the Author assure to the prints a durable quality for interior decoration with digital contemporary art.


Three different printing surfaces are available:

Museum Paper is a Hahnemuhle 308 grams paper, cotton 100%. Is a very fine paper, the very best for fine art printing. A soft feel to the touch structure, texture and slightly grain uneven surface are able to resist ageing and give back extraordinary colours’ nuance and striking picturial depth, to assure high fidelity respect of the original digital version of the Artworks.

Fine Art Paper is a Papier Artistique texturé 320 grams, cotton 100%, Diatecx. It has a natural color because it does not contain optical brighteners and was created for artistic reproductions. It has a rough texture to the touch, and is a so-called hammered paper. Despite the lower price compared to Museum Paper, it is a paper of remarkable quality that enhances the color transitions and the brightness of digital colors with high fidelity harmony to the original.

Canvas made of 390 grams, cotton 100%, Diatecx. Different from the others, is a canvas that is appreciated for its natural cotton content, really pleasant to the touch.

Big colour areas are printed with extraordinary homogeneity, enhanced by the bright white. The back side, in natural hemp colour, garantees the cotton content.


Every print is made on request, means individually made for you. Every print, on paper or canvas are singularly signed by Sette21 Author.

Print papers are signed and dated on the bottom right side, together with a dry seal to guarantee authenticity: a 2.5 cm blank border will be provided for this purpose and is included in the selected size.

Canvas prints are signed and dated on the back side and an ink stamp is used.


Choosing “Stretched Canvas” with “Canvas” you will obtain an assembled painting of the choosed size, ready to hung up. Our canvas printing are assembled on wood framework with a 3 cm side profile. The printing area continues on that 3 cm side profile and beyond for 5 mm on the rear side.

Wood frameworks are handmade by aged wood in a workshop located in the artistic district of Rome. Here the canvas are assembled by a master crafter, stretched with a specific tool and fixed with metallic clips on the back side, traditionally.

To assure the Artwork’s integrity, in some countries and for some big size, our printing are rolled and sent in tubes made of rigid cardboard.

No framework assembly kits are available.


Choosing “No frame” with “Canvas”, you will obtain a canvas print, rolled-up for shipping, that can be assembled with a frame by your local artisan. All our printings have an additional 6 cm border to all sides.

This additional border is essential to your artisan to fix the canvas on a wood frame with a 3 cm maximum thickness. The printed area will cover this thickness and will extend in the back side, too.

At any printing corner there are little lines that set the real size you choose. This size is the final size of the pictures once assembled on the framework.

You can choose the final picture size among the ones available, we will add 6 cm on every side to let your artisan to proper assembly the canvas.


Paper printings are always delivered rolled-up in tubes of rigid cardboard. Those printings have a 2.5 cm white border on every side, to allow to be inserted in a frame to hung up. On this border the author signs the artwork and stamps a dry seal that certifies its originality.

Wood and glasses frames, due to their fragility during the shipment, cannot be supplied.


Prints on fine art paper and unframed canvases are rolled-up, wrapped in tissue paper and shipped in rigid cardboard tubes. The tube is then wrapped in cellophan for more protection.

The "Stretched Canvas” are always shipped protected on all sides with polyetylene foam panels, wrapped with paper, cellophane and protectors.

Externally is protected by a rigid cardboard packaging wrapped in cellophan for more protection.


Sette21 processes your order in 1-5 working days and then delivers it to the forwarder for shipping.

GLS will manage Italian shipments: delivery in 24-48 hours, 48-72 hours for Sicily and Sardinia.

DHL Express will manage forwarding outside Italy. Delivery in Europe in 2-4 working days, USA and Canada in 2-4 working days and 3-8 working days for Asia.